O' Christmas Tree...

Monday, December 7, 2009

This was a wonderful weekend that ended in "The Great Christmas Tree Hunt". It all began Saturday night...first, we headed out to a Christmas party at the beautiful Ponzi Vineyards and afterwards we proceeded to downtown Portland for a nightcap at Portland City Grill, it's on the 30th floor and has the most amazing views of the city. Then on Sunday we headed out to Christmas Mountain Tree Farm...

We try a different tree farm every year because there are so many in Oregon (and many of them, this one included, are actually within 20 minutes of our house). Christmas Mountain Trees take you on a tractor-pulled wagon ride up the mountain which led to a beautiful vista overlooking the Columbia River and Mount St. Helens (the pic above gives you an idea and I added a link below with some more pics). It was a spectacular panoramic view amongst all the Christmas trees. http://www.christmasmountaintrees.com

The funny thing is, we found a gorgeous noble fir within five minutes, but of course that was just too easy, and I made the hubby hike around in the freezing cold for another hour and an half...only to lead us back to the very first tree we found, hehehe...sorry hubby. Somehow he was able to cut mr. noble down even though the poor guy practically had no feeling left in his fingers and off we went. It's a good thing I put a little extra whiskey in his eggnog and became a feisty, fiery redhead this weekend or he may not have forgiven me. ;)


Mother Love said...

Will we be seeing a picture soon of this firey wild redhead? Sounds
like fun.

I just changed my color from blonde to my normal color Dark brown with
a little bit of blond highlights
(instead of grey)