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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soooooooo...I don't know what's been going on lately, but I have complete [blogger's] writer's block! It's a sad day when Rachel...aka Nolia is not sure what to say. Has anyone else in blogger world ever had this problem? I know I could just write nothing, but that just seems so boring (yeah, like this isn't boring lol). I don't like to be repetitive and I feel like my posts are beginning to sound like..."have a great weekend blah blah blah", "busy with school waa waa waa", "love oregon woo woo woo", and "here's a great recipe, inspirational quote, or happy holidays yada yada yada". ;)

Ok, maybe I'm being a bit silly because those are the things I read in other blogs that I love and it never gets old. I'm just feeling a bit "stuck" and need to find some new inspiration. Thanks to all you wonderful bloggers out there who keep things creative and interesting...this post is dedicated to you muah muah muah!

(Image courtesy of ° ρЯίтΛм ° [busy])


symphonious sweets said...

I have been feeling the blogger blahs as well. I don't find you posts repetitive or boring. I find they put me in a good or thoughtful mood. I always enjoy your photos so enjoy the sun and come bake when you are inspired.

RACHEL...aka NOLIA said...

Aw, thank you SO much symphonious sweets...you just made my day! You enjoy the sun too and I actually LOVE to bake, so I think I might just have to grab a wonderful recipe off your blog (which is one of my favorites by the way) and go for it!

Trina S. said...

Goon, don't be silly!

Looooooove that you BLOG!!!

I know take some pics of Brandon's biz and post about 3rd street!

luv Goon

RACHEL...aka NOLIA said...

Good idea goon...it would be fun to do a post about NW23rd. Thanks for the inspiration! I was actually trying to be a bit funny in this particular post, but I don't think that came across very well, lol! ;)