Feeling Lucky...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy St. Patty's Day...the hubby and I are feeling lucky already because we're off to Cannon Beach, which is thankfully only a short hour away and the perfect getaway for some much need relaxation! Have fun, be safe and get lucky... ;)



Trina S. said...

GOOOON! Isn't that where they filmed GOONIES!
Looks like it!

I can't wait to come downnnnnnn!

or up!!!!!


RACHEL...aka NOLIA said...

GOON...it sure is!!! You can see Haystack Rock (it's the big rock in the far background) in the picture that I posted and those are the rocks that Mikey lined up in the treasure key in the movie. We actually walked up to Haystack on this trip because it was low tide...can't wait for you to visit and see it in person!