Let Me Introduce Nolia...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ok, so I finally decided to do my first blog post...and I'm going to start with explaining where my blog, alter ego and business name "Nolia" came from. Obviously, from the above picture it blossomed (pardon the pun) from "Magnolia"... not just the flower but the very misunderstood movie as well. Let's start with the flower...the above pic is a Star Magnolia, but I do not discriminate, I love almost every version of this flower (and let's just say I am not quite a "flower sort of girl" so this is big for me). They are not only beautiful but very complicated and mysteriously layered blooms...hmmm, I just may be able to relate to the complicated and layered part possibly explaining my mysterious attraction to them...lol. ;)

The Magnolia also symbolizes nobility, perseverance, beauty and the love and respect of nature. Which was perfect when I came up with my business name. I wanted to create and represent products based in nature for both outer and inner beauty and we all know starting a business takes perseverance. I'm also not an "obvious sort of girl" and the term "magnolia" was too direct for me so I preferred the not so obvious "nolia". TA DA! There you have it folks...I'm sure that was worth waiting for, lol.

Now, just a quick note about the movie Magnolia (which also inspired the name)...it is one of the most misunderstood films of all time in my opinion, and I stress my opinion (hence the name nolia's notion...hehe). If you take this movie at face value or even it's direct/subtle connotations (yes, that somehow is possible) then this movie becomes a whole different entity. What I pulled out of it is the deeper message of...if we would all just "wise up" and be true to ourselves and live honest to who we are, then all can be right with the world. It's about looking at yourself and your beautifully complicated layers and accepting them...fully.

So, with that my fine layered friends..."Nolia" was born. Welcome to my world.