My Love Affair...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ok, don't tell my husband but I'm having an affair...with the Oregon Coast. See, it's not so bad, I think he's probably having the same affair. *Gasp* Seriously though, nothing fulfills my soul more than a trip to the Oregon Coast. It is so magical, so peaceful and so beautiful. I truly feel blessed and grateful that I'm able to regularly experience this amazing part of the country and it's only a little over an hour's drive away.

We love the entire coast but one of our favorite spots is Depoe Bay, OR and the surrounding areas. It feels more and more like home to us each time we go. I mean what's not to love...waves crashing and thundering onto rocky cliffs, breathtaking coastline, sea lions (did you see the cutie up there?), tide pools, lighthouses, pebble beaches, sea birds, whale watching, some of the most spectacular dense forests you've ever seen and pretty much the freshest seafood possible. Should I go on? The plan is to eventually have our own wellness clinic and beach house there in the "not-so-distant" future and that is definitely a plan that keeps us going every day. I have been known to break the rules once or twice and who says you have to wait for retirement?! ;)


Trina S. said...

Love it! You do get whatever you set your mind too! Just think in 4 years you'll have a MASTERS! Who would have thought you would be on your way to being a DR of medicine and live near the ocean!

Keep it up Goon!

Rachel...aka Nolia said...

Thanks Goonie!!! I know, I have to pinch myself sometimes...I've been smiling a lot lately! :)