Welcome October...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've had enough of summer, thank you very much! The time is here...and it's my favorite time of year! (I didn't really mean to sound like Dr. Seuss just then...but hey, what can you do)

Anyway, October and Autumn are here and I'm a happy girl. I love October. Adore Autumn. It's my favorite month and time of the year. "Why?", you ask. Where do I begin...

1) Cool crisp weather
2) Halloween
3) Pumpkins and pumpkin patches
4) Watching the leaves change and fall
5) Warm crackling fires in the fireplace
6) It's the time of year I start baking
7) Windy days
8) Cozy flannel sheets
9) Caramel apples and apple cider
10) Halloween candy
11) Real haunted houses
12) Snuggling in big soft fluffy blankets
13) Fall scented candles
14) Pumpkin Spice lattes, cupcakes, bread, ice cream, cookies, candles (you get the idea...if it says pumpkin spice I will eat, drink or smell it)
15)...and last but not least, an excuse to watch horror movies almost every day of the week. Yes, I love horror movies and I don't discriminate. Good ole' classics to campy B-movies all the way to ones banned in the US...if it's horror, I will watch it. I will at least try anyway, some of those B-horror flicks really do suck.

So, what do you love about October and Autumn? Enjoy them...and every time you watch a horror movie or see something pumpkin spice this season, think of me.
(that should be interesting)


Trina S. said...

ME toooo, I just bought my holiday candle! You ask "What flavor?" I say "PUMPKIN SPICE!" of course!

It is starting to cool off in the mornings here. I can't wait for the day to escape Arizona.

I will pull out my Halloween tote this weekend. I didn't get to decorate last year.

I think of you this time of year! The scents of your old apartment. :) good times:)

I think this year will be great with Harmony. Her first Halloween!

We have a fire place in our new place, our old place did not. Very excited about that!

A few winter/fall things you didn't mention that I LOVE!

Hot chocolate!
Peppermint shnops too!
long sleeves and jeans beannies too!
goose down

and comfy morning robes
it doesnt get to much winter here...Ill try and think of more!

symphonious sweets said...

I love
1.the amazing colors of fall leaves.
2. The crisp days- bright blue skies and a slight chill in the air.
3. pumpkin patches.
4. My horse and his fuzzy winter coat.
5. fresh apple cider.
6. having an excuse to snuggle under my blankets and stay in bed!!! (on my days "off" of course)